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Best “Love Hotel” in Bangkok

PIMP® Post | Best Love Hotels

Let’s check out “Love Hotel” in Bangkok.
where you can go to your mission with Pimp Girls! What Where How much and How?

Most people have an idea of Love Hotel is for XXX only but in fact they are just like normal hotels except “short time” option added. Many new fancy boutique hotels popping up everywhere. Before check in, check with designated hotel first.

Banana State Fashion Hotel

PIMP® Post | Best Love Hotels

Many fantasy rooms such as Spa, Boxing Ring, Space theme. There is also a Penthouse with karaoke system that can serve 15 guests per room, great for private party.

Website: www.bananastate.com
Price: 700-3500 Baht


PIMP® Post | Best Love Hotels

Cartoon themes room such as Snow White, Tarzan and The Louise room with big Jacuzzi spa can be viewed from one sided mirror just by pressing the button and you can see whoever taking a bath in there without them knowing! It’s a big tub equipped with built in radio.

Phone: 024326011
Price: 290 Baht / 3 hours

Gig Town Hotel

PIMP® Post | Best Love Hotels

You can tell by the hotel name that this place is for what purpose (Gig in Thai means a secret lover). All the rooms there has a bathtub that is only divided by a thin curtain.

Phone: 028798999
Price: 310 Baht / 3 hours and 1,000 Baht / 3 hours for room with karaoke

Tientalay Resort

PIMP® Post | Best Love Hotels

In front, there’s a Krua Baimai restaurant and inside there’s a pub. The resort is furthest. The atmosphere here is just like a real resort. Clean and beautiful room with a bathtub that can be viewed from the bed. You can roll from bed to tub or from tub to bed.

Phone:  028401446-9
Price: 290 Baht / 3 hours

X-IT Resort

One of the top-grade Love Hotel in Bangkok. 3 different types of room: one with outdoor Jacuzzi or one with Jacuzzi and a small pool. The Pool Suite room can hold up to 6 guests.

Phone: 0811239977
Price: 1,950 Baht

Mamaison Resort

A cosy little resort Thai modern architecture style with big Jacuzzi, karaoke and pool table.

Phone: 025530725
Price 380/ 3 hours

Green Inn

A Love Hotel with a twist – Inside this place, there’s a café with pretty hostesses and karaoke, one-stop service for all your desire. All sorts of themed rooms.

Phone: 024576841-5
Price: 290 / 3 hours

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